The Emprize Group is the parent company that integrates the varied consulting and operational organizations developed by Fitch & Associates' partners.

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  • Consulting Services
    • Fitch & Associates, LLC is the EMS consulting entity known for its objectivity and integrity in developing innovative solutions for complex emergency medical service and medical transportation and public safety organizations. The firm provides both air and ground consulting services.
    • Fitch & Associates-Europe, Ltd. provides consulting services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. The firm has been actively assisting Ambulance Trusts in meeting Government mandated service enhancements. Fitch & Associates-Europe provides both strategic and operating consulting services.
  • Facility Management
    • MedServ International is the primary operating unit for The Emprize Group. MedServ owns and/or operates a variety of turnkey programs providing innovative options for healthcare clients. The firm provides long-term solutions or temporary leadership/transition management services as required.
  • Accounts Receivable Management
    • MedServ International, the operating unit for The Emprize Group, provides premier accounts receivable management to maximize revenue recovery for medical transportation organizations.



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